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BBBS's Big Sister, McLean Moore, Named '21 UA Homecoming Queen

BBBS of West Alabama is proud to announce McLean Moore was voted University of Alabama's 2021 Homecoming Queen.  Moore has been in our program for six years as a Big Sister to her Little Sister Kenyetta.  She was the co-founder of our High School Bigs Program when first matched with Kenyetta, and upon graduation Ms. Moore re-enrolled with us in our Community Based Program to be re-matched with her Little Sister.  A model volunteer, and a true ignitor of potential, we are honored that Ms. Moore is shining a light on BBBS and raising awareness about the need for mentorship and our program within the UA community and beyond.  Her selfless dedication to making the difference in the life of her Little is just one of the countless qualities that makes Ms. Moore so special.  Congratulations, McLean! 

Your BBBS family is very PROUD!

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